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Find the magic of the millennial art of Thai massage traditions into our new Thai massage studio. Revitalize your energy and restore your vitality under the care of our Thai specialists. Grant your senses with luxury in a unique Thai atmosphere. Take your time for achieving inner harmony and smile your day!

Discover Thailand right into the center of Sofia


Dive into the magic of the millennial tradition of Thai massage arts with our special offers.
  • Since I have to train very often, after that I like to relax with a massage " two hands " in my favorite massage studio - "ThaimOut"

    Borisa Tutundjieva

  • ThaimOut is a massage studio located right in the center of the busy city. Enchantingly relaxed atmosphere, comfort and relaxation, special care tailored to the client’s needs - I received all of that for the little time spent for myself.

    Konstantin Konstantinov

  • There is one thing I would like to say: It has been a long time ago since I have felt so pleased with a massage! Being involved in professional sports for many years, and even now when I no longer play volleyball professionally, I’ve always needed a rejuvenating massage and I've tried different kinds. After the massage therapy at ThaimOut I felt relaxed and calm. These girls have to work for the national volleyball team!

    Lyubo Ganev

  • Sports massage in TimeOut is extremely good! I recommend it to everyone before and after training.

    Nikolay Shterev

  • ThaimOut’s studio for Thai massages is the place where I am convinced that I will enjoy the great attention and care and the ability to restore my energy. The traditional Thai massage gets me back to myself, gives me confidence and smile, with which more easily I can go through all of the obstacles of the busy everyday life.

    Tina Atanasova

  • I do high-intensity workouts such as TABATA and HIIT. For me it is extremely important to keep my body in shape. Thanks to the professionals working at ThaimOut I manage to do it. ThaimOut is my place of relaxation and I recommend it to all people involved in sports.

    Tzvetelina Tzankova

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