Today's society along with its many benefits puts everyone in never ending stress. Our skilled specialists are with you into the care of your health - a concern of everyone who wants to be healthy, according to Aristotel.The art of massage has been appreciated since ancient times, as its benefits cannot be argued. Put your body in the hands of our Thai professionals and feel the delight of different procedures, filling your senses with tranquility, harmony and balance. All of it in an authentic Thai atmosphere, products consisting of specially selected essential oils and attention to details.

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Surprise yourself and those you love, and book a massage in ThaimOut! Our working time is Mon-Sun 11:00 till 20:00 h.

The menu with rituals and procedures, their duration and pricing is also available for download.

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Traditional Thai Massages

Tradition Thai massage

30 min - 30 BGN 60 min - 55 BGN 90 min - 75 BGN ...

Thai Aroma massage

30 min - 40 BGN 60 min - 70 BGN 90 min - 90 BGN ...

Thai massage with herbal compresses

60 min - 70 BGN 90 min - 95 BGN ...

Tok Sen massage

30 min - 45 BGN 60 min - 85 BGN ...

Thai sports massage

30 min - 45 BGN 60 min - 80 BGN 90 min - 110 BGN...

Anti-stress Thai massage

30 min – 40 BGN 60 min – 75 BGN 90 min - 100 BGN...

Thai feet massage

30 min - 30 BGN 60 min - 50 BGN ...


After careful analysis of the needs of our customers, we realized the need to combine different sensations through matching procedures. To overcome the stress of the dynamic life in a easy and enjoyable way, we created special proposals.


Package for Her and Him