Thai Aroma massage

30 min – 40 BGN
60 min – 70 BGN
90 min – 90 BGN


This is a Thai massage with a special selection of oils from the Asian gardens. The Aroma massage is a proven stress reliever and a relaxing method. The therapeutic technique is a combination of natural therapeutic properties of essential oils and the healing effect of the massage.

There are used essential oils famous for their healing characteristics – concentrated with extracts from flowers, seeds, fruits, plants and their bark. There are hundreds of essential oils out there as the aromatherapy uses only about 40 of them.

The Aroma massage relieves the stress, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to tackle infections. The massage includes a mix of basic and essential oils directly absorbed through the skin and into the circulatory system, reflecting on the functions of the body and the nervous system.

Our skilled specialists will comply with your preferences, life and work style along with your physical and emotional health when choosing the most effective product for you.