Thai feet massage

30 min – 30 BGN
60 min – 50 BGN


Thai foot massage is an ancient healing procedure, which has earned its place in the art of massage as its techniques along with the knowledge of it have been kept in secret and passed through generations by Buddhist monks at the Royal Palace of Thailand ever since.

Except the feet, there are also other zones in the human body where reflex zones are projected, such as the outer edges of the ears, shoulder blade or the spine. The feet area plays the most important role because the area is broad enough and the zones there are easy to locate.

Thai reflex therapy is a combination of various ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian healing arts of reflexicology and an old procedure, which has been accepted for thousands of years. It stimulates the body to release a feeling of harmony, well-being and tranquility. There are ten main reflex channels in the human body, covering the zones from head to toe and ending as pressure points.  When being treated, your body and soul are encouraged to restore their healthy balance.

According to the theories of the acupressure and acupuncture, there are about 7,200 nerve endings in the foot, all of which are directly linked to the inner organs. Putting light pressure on these points promotes the functions of our organs, as it also relieves the stress, improves the sleep and deals with the feeling of numbness while increasing the flexibility.

Also, the feet massage lifts the mood, improves the concentration and clears the mind while leaving your body relaxed.

The Thai feet therapy makes the perfect procedure for tired legs, as it also improves the blood and lymph flow. The massage is performed by lightly pressing with thumbs, fingers, knuckles or a rounded wooden stick with a little bit of lotion or oil on it. This gentle massage on the skin, filled with caress, will make you feel balanced, energized and refreshed.

Much like any other procedure, reflex therapy has also some downsides regarding some serious health issues that our team of specialists are absolutely aware of.

The Thai feet massage is usually performed on fully-clothed patients, as it would be best if you wear such clothes that will allow rolling over the knee, if necessary.

Feet are an essential area of the human body, the professional treatment of which, performed by our well-skilled team, will bring comfort and joy into your life, leaving your body absolutely relieved, while getting your self-esteem back up!

Put your body in the hands of our professionals and dive deep into a unique atmosphere at our ThaimOut studio! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!