ThaimOut Package “With Care For Him”

100 min – 150 BGN


Men who live dynamic lives need relaxation, muscle revitalization, and restoration of the body energy flow. In the authentic Thai atmosphere of the ThaimOut studio we created the special luxurious package “With care for him”!

“With care for him” is a luxurious massage experience designed for men with a dynamic lifestyle. The package includes a combination of 3 massage procedures* with a choice between:

1. Foot massage or Spa foot therapy
2. Sports massage or Traditional Thai massage
3. Anti-stress facial treatment or Herbal compress massage

* The procedures have a total duration of 100 min.

More about our procedures from ThaimOut Package “With Care For Him”

Foot massage or Spa foot therapy

They say that after a foot massage (on feet there are more than 7 200 nerve endings) man goes out changed – physically and spiritually. Ancient Thai techniques with pressure on the feet nerve endings stimulate the function of internal organs, relieve the stress and improve the sleep. In the spa therapy is even included the miraculous effects of Himalayan salt – also known as “white gold on the planet” – very suitable for detoxification and regeneration of the cells and tissues.

Sports massage or Traditional Thai massage

The Thai sport massage is extremely good for training people. It is a special Thai technique which is meant for boosting the muscles and the organism before intense activities, improving the quality of the workouts, and relieving them after sports exercises.

The traditional Thai massage is a series of motions, stretches and pressure on the energy lines and points in the body, harmonizing and balancing the energy flow in the organism. It is based on 7 200 energy channels in the human body.
Depending on personal preferences, it can be therapeutic with more intense pressure or relaxing with light pressure.

Anti-stress facial treatment or Herbal compress massage

The anti-stress facial therapy takes off the weariness using specially selected oils – typical for men. The herbal compress contains of combinations of herbs and spices, which possess various beneficial properties. The therapeutic effect of warmer compresses is to detoxify and nourish the skin, and its recovery from the damaging effects of daily stress.