ThaimOut Package “With Love For Her”

100 min – 150 BGN


Today’s women must be strong, yet beautiful. They need to feel confident, desired, and in line with their inner harmony.

For a luxurious “lady-only” experience in an authentic Thai atmosphere we created the special package “With love for her!”

“With love for her” is a special massage experience in the luxurious atmosphere of the ThaimOut Thai massage studio. This package includes a combination of 3 procedures of choice*:

1. Foot massage or Spa foot therapy
2. Aroma Thai massage or Traditional Thai massage
3. Anti-age therapy or Hot coconut oil head massage

* The procedures have a total duration of 100 min.

More about our procedures from ThaimOut Package “With Love For Her”

Foot massage or Spa foot therapy?

Even ancient people discovered the miraculous properties of the foot massage. By special Thai techniques, pressure is set on all 7 200 nerve endings located in the feet, thereby stimulating work of internal organs, which improves the general condition and relieve accumulated stress. In spa therapy we use Himalayan salt, which helps in rejuvenating the cells and tissues, and in the body detoxing.

Aroma Thai massage or Traditional Thai massage?

No doubt this is a favourite massage of many women. It is proved for relaxation, stress reduction and strengthening the immunity. We use specially selected essential oils extracted from Thai herbs, flowers, fruits and seeds, popular for their healing properties. In addition to bringing enjoyment of the senses, essential oils are absorbed directly through the skin, they enter the circulatory system, and have an effect on the functions of the whole organism.

Traditional Thai massage can be therapeutic, with more intense pressure or relaxing, with light pressure. A series of stretches and pressure on points and energy lines of the body harmonize and balance the energy flow in the body. It is based on work on the 7200 energy channels in the body.

Anti-age therapy or Hot coconut oil head massage?

In our rejuvenating therapy we use essential oils of pink jasmine with divine fragrance. Not surprisingly, its name means “A Gift by God”. Our face program will not only maintain, regenerate and hydrate your skin, but also will illuminate and give it energy.

If your skin on the head needs extra care, our procedure with hot coconut oil is most suitable. Nutrients specially selected products we use, give softness and shine and enhance its growth. Massaging the head is one of the most relaxing massages and attack as responsible for the proper conduct and distribution of energy in the body. The therapy helps to stimulate blood circulation and supply of hair and scalp with oxygen.